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Family Goal Setting for Working Professionals

Written by milko on 8. Juni 2015. Posted in Web Design

In these difficult economic times, more and more working professionals are forced to spend time away from their families. Other professionals are advancing roblox robux cheats their personal agendas in hopes of getting to the top of their profession. Who is counting the cost? I developed my first book after a personal challenge was issued to me at a weekend marriage retreat designed to strengthen marriages. At the time, my wife Estraletta and I were only just married with a young son.

During a session with the husbands only, the speaker throne rush tool carefully explained God’s role for men (as husbands and fathers). I felt good about myself as a family man-until he crossed the line. He challenged us. If you put the same energy into your home as you do into your work, what kind of husband/father would you be? If you put xbox live code free the same effort into your work as you apply at home, what kind of employee would you be? I was embarrassed. I really didn’t do much planning for our family (other than the normal trip to Disney World). At work, I was very efficient. I had developed goals and created a plan to implement my projects. At home, I had nothing-no vision, no plan. This article examines how working professionals can implement goal setting for their own families despite their hectic schedules.

Like many professionals caught up in my work life and work family, individuals often do not take the time to use these proven principles in their own homes. Many couples are more selfish than their children are and don’t provide a healthy, nurturing environment for them. This reality speaks to the personal ambition and priorities of the individual within a family structure. Writer J.A. Littler speaks to the material motives and priorities of our society: „Everyone worships something.

While there may be no official roblox robux hack religions or cults devoted to cars, money, fashion, or music, these pleasures of life and facets of society are all too often the overwhelming focus of people’s time, energy, and emotions.“ Our society tells them they can have it all-money, power, and fame without any sacrifices. Sadly, many working professionals provide their children a great standard of life; however, these parents are often setting their children up for failure. Many times the results of their labor are children who feel entitled and materialistic. The truth is something is being sacrificed in lieu of a successful career… your family.

After many schedule conflicts, meetings, and misunderstandings between us, my wife and I came to the conclusion that we could not continue to parcel out our life as if the other parts didn’t exist. It’s 100%! Setting goals for families is a complicated undertaking. The following strategy is provided:

Evaluate your family situation based on how family members‘ priorities are spending most of their current time (i.e. work, community activities).

Establish the desired vision for your family (the ideal family model).

Develop priorities for the family in which all family members will comply.

Create a family mission statement.

Develop family goals each year from a holistic viewpoint (family, career, spiritual life, finances, etc.).

Monitor results based on the desired family vision.
Families are the foundation for thriving civilizations, and strong communities are built by strong marriages. Consequently, working professionals need to challenge themselves to provide a more holistic approach for their lives. This article evaluated how working professionals can implement goal setting for marvel contest of champions cheats their own families. Often, this reality is about balancing competing priorities. Les Brown, author of How to Become the Person You Always Wanted to Be-No Matter What the Obstacle, notes, „Your values are not set by government or church leaders. Your values give you consistency in the way you approach life… By holding to your beliefs, you can always stay on track toward your dreams.“ Hopefully, working professionals can make these life changes for their families before it is too late.


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