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The Importance of Family

Written by milko on 8. Juni 2015. Posted in Uncategorized

Humans are social beings, whether we accept that or not. From you parents, the biggest you receive from them is your identity. It gives you a sense of belonging from something or someone because xbox live code cheats it is always brothers and sisters involved. From your brothers and sisters, you receive acceptance, with your idiosyncrasies, your oddities, even though you act differently to others. Humans have this yearning for acceptance, a sense of belonging, so they join clubs, different societies and forums just to communicate and be social. There are those who are antisocial, they are a breed on their own, but they normally end up in trouble with the law and they shun other social people.

Returning to the social being, why are they social? Why do they need acceptance from other beings? Simply because they were created to be like that. How can you gain acceptance from other social beings and be a part of the social circle? Well, you start with yourself by being social and friendly. Just try this: if you are walking around in the local mall, pick on anyone and just smile at them. I will guarantee that the person would smile back, and you castle clash hack tool could be a friend richer. So, if you are a social being like all of us, if you want friends, you need to be friendly. It all starts with you, don’t expect others to be friendly with you, they probably feel that you do not want their friendship. Another method to gain friends is to treat others with respect. Respect is not something that you just receive, you have to earn it. Everyone wants acceptance and respect, but if that is what you want, you have to accept others, and respect them. And important of all, you need to be friendly.

Coming back to their family social system, it hit me hard today how important it is. Last year this time, I had it all. A family, belongings, a job, everything. This year I lost it all, my wife died which was a traumatic time for me. I lost my job but not because of a fault of my own, it just happened, that’s the way it works. My the simpsons tapped out cheats immediate family is spread all over. My parents live two thousand kilometers away, my one sister lives about six thousand kilometers away, and my brother lives about six hundred kilometers away. So, we hardly see each other because hay day tool of the distances between us. I am also a social being, so I belong to a Christian church where I will receive my social needs.

If there is one piece of advice to whoever reads this: don’t take your family for granted, ever. You don’t know when they would move on clash royale hack from this life, so make peace with them, socialize with them, and be friendly with them. Be the lesser person and make the first move to building a relationship with them. Especially if they upset you for some reason. But if you don’t, and you don’t make peace with any of your family, and they pass on from this life, you will regret this for as long as you live. So, appreciate your family no matter what your differences are. Trust me, I can speak with authority about this, I have been there. Your family are the most important people in your social circle.


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